Rug Hooks

There are a wide range of rug hooks available, with different handle types and hook sizes.

The size of your rug hook can often depend on what size wool you use, although some hookers use just one hook regardless of cut size.

Choosing a hook for rug hooking is very personal. Once a hooker finds a hook they like, they can be hard pressed to try another! Those who rug hook a lot may find themselves using different hooks to avoid hand strain. 

There's a few things that can affect hook choice, including how the hook is held in the hand, the size of wool used, and the angle of hooking. 

The main decision is often the size of the wool. This isn't a hard and fast rule, as a hooker may choose to use the same hook regardless of wool strip sizes. That said, generally smaller hooks are used for the more fine cuts, and the larger hooks for the wider cuts.

Examples of hooks based on wool size:

Fine hook - #2- #4 strips
Medium hook - #3 - #5 strips
Coarse hook - #5 - #8 strips
Primitive hook - #8 cut and higher


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