Needle Felting Kit - Bird Lover Deluxe Kit

$60.00 CAD

This large needle felting kit contains all materials needed to learn how to make a Blue Jay and then a minimum of two more birds of your choosing. This kit includes the following materials:

  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions for a Blue Jay, plus illustrations of a few other popular perching birds
  • Ruler and foot pattern
  • 100% natural sheep's wool roving
    • 60g natural
    • 3 x 20g neutrals* or 3 x 20g brights*
  • Felting needles
  • Felting support
  • Wire and pipe cleaner for three birds
  • Beads
  • Needle and thread

Although this kit is structured as a "Bird Lover" kit, it can be used as a general family-sized pack. Use the supplies for whatever you want!