Heart Rug Hooking Kit

$60.00 CAD

Learn to rug hook with this easy to use complete rug hooking kit!

Hook this small rug, perfect as a hot plate holder, table decoration, or other home decor. The finished piece is 5 inches by 5 inches, and uses #8 cut wool (1/4 inches wide).

Hooking time: Between 60-90 minutes
Finishing time: 45 minutes

Complete Kit - contains everything you need to get started right away.

Linen backing with hand drawn pattern
Hand dyed 100% wool, cut into strips (size #8)
Primitive Pencil hook
10 " Rug hooking hoop
Yarn, thread and needle for finishing the edges
Full detailed instructions

The Basic Kit is designed for the experienced rug hooker and does not include a hook and a hoop.

Rug hooking is a simple craft of pulling fabric through a backing using a hook. This complete kit includes everything you need to help you create a beautiful finished hooked piece.

Loopy also takes care of the little extras needed for hooking a rug: the edges of the linen are serged so there is no fraying when you're working on your beautiful art, a cut line is marked, and there is stitching along the inside of this cut line, to also prevent fraying when finishing your piece.

This kit is perfect for learning how to rug hook, or the perfect gift for the craft-y person in your life.

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