Which side is the right side for punch needle?

Which side is the correct side for punch needle projects?

Color fading in your fiber art projects

Color fading in fiber art pieces

Using AI to Assist in Rug Hooking and Punch Needle Design

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) image generation software can help in the design of fiber art projects including rug hooking, punch needle and wool applique.

Perfect lettering on your rug hooking or punch needle pattern

How to create perfect lettering for your rug hooking or punch needle pattern.

Mixing yarn and wool strips in your rug hooking project

Including both yarn and wool fabric strips into rug hooking projects.

Rug Hooking van Gogh

Varying rug hooked van gogh paintings.

How to transfer a rug hooking pattern

How to transfer any type of pattern using red dot transfer paper.

Matching edges on a punch needle project

Whipping the edges of a punch needle project using matching yarn.

Finishing edges on a rug hooking project

Take a look at three ways of finishing a hooked rug project, including fold and sew, whipping with cording and tape, or whipping only with yarn.

A Loopy Covid Rug

From start to finish, working on a large geometric rug!

Repairing a hooked rug

Repairing a hand-hooked yarn rug.

Rug Hooking - How tightly should loops be packed?

What is packing loops? How much does it matter to the amount of wool used in a project?

Rainbow Coaster Rug Hooking Project

How to video on how to complete the loopy rainbow coaster.

Types of foundation cloth for rug hooking

Learn about the different types of backing/foundation cloth.

1/2 yard? 1/4 yard? Fat Quarter? What does it all mean?

Learn about different cut sizes for rug hooking wool and backing.

Rug Hooks

The size of your rug hook can often depend on what size wool you use.

Always changing my mind

What happens when something isn't quite right with a rug? Do you tear it out and start again, or continue on?

7 abstract rug hooking design ideas

Abstract hooked rugs are a beautiful way to use lots of color, and to experiment with color! There are many ways to create an abstract style rug, and here are a few ideas to get you started.

A few rug hooking tips (from learning the hard way)

 Learn some of the common problems that can arise when rug hooking, including calculating the amount of wool to use and fading wool. 

What Size Wool Should I Hook With?

What are wool sizes? How much wool do I need? How does wool size make a difference in the look of the rug?

So... exactly how do I hook?

Step by step instructions for rug hooking, photos included!

What IS Rug Hooking?

What is rug hooking, anyway?