Always changing my mind



I always like having a mindless rug on the go. One where you don't have to think a lot, just get wrapped up in the rhythmic nature of pulling up the loops, without considering the pattern or the color too much. 

This current geometric was coming along well, the slow transition from deep pink to purple, and on to blue. I didn't even need to draw out the boxes ahead of time, just measure as I go along and hook in straight lines.  The black border is my old standby, I use a lot of black in my hooked rugs. Something wasn't quite right with this rug, either the border around each square needed to be thicker (difficult to fix without tearing out a large portion of the rug), or a different color was needed. Before I got too much further along I decided to pull out the black and try something else.

I always find it a little upsetting to pull out the loops and start fresh. All that hard work gone! In this case it only took about an hour to re-hook a different color, and almost immediately I liked how the dark grey worked. Using grey instead of black softened the overall look of the rug. There isn't as much contrast for the grid, meaning just having one line of color for each square is less problematic. 

If you change your mind when rug hooking, it's easy to tear out the wool and try something else. It's always a good idea to set the rug down periodically, walk around it, and consider the overall look. Best to make changes before it's nearly finished!





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