Loopy Impressions Full Color Patterns - FAQs

How do Loopy Impressions patterns differ from regular rug hooking patterns?

Loopy Impressions patterns are high detail patterns, available in full color or black and white high detail. These patterns make it easy to hook complex images. Each Loopy Impressions pattern is available on premium bleached linen.  The pattern is fully embedded in the linen, you hook through the linen as you would a traditional pattern.

Do Loopy Impressions patterns work for wide strip widths like a #8 or higher?

They do! The premium linen backing works well for all cuts from #3-#8. It's important to check the level of detail of the design, and the overall size of the pattern. A large pattern with a small amount of detail will work great for the wider cuts. For example, a pattern with a simple image in an 18"x18" size like the stained glass wildflowers pattern can be hooked in a #4 cut and achieve much of the detail, while this same pattern could be hooked in a #6 or #8 and less detail could be included.

On the other hand, a high detail pattern in a small size will work better with smaller cuts. The Loopy Impressions pattern Ball?! seen here is 9"x9", is best hooked in a #3 or #4 cut to achieve the detail. 

I like to choose my colors – can I deviate from the colors in the pattern?

Of course! The beauty of fiber art is being able to make it your own! Choosing the black and white pattern is a great option if you're interested in choosing your own colors but want the high detail, while the color option is great for those who want to produce a piece similar to the initial design or to have a little more guidance. Either way, you can choose how much you follow the design and the colors.

How is hooking a Loopy Impressions pattern different from hooking other patterns?


Because of the increased amount of detail Loopy Impressions patterns, it is a somewhat different experience from traditional patterns.

 Here are some examples:

  • Depending on the pattern, there may be less thought, or more thought involved in creating a piece. If you struggle with where each color should go, or what to do next, Loopy Impressions patterns make it easy to decide which color to use. On some patterns, the details help to bring a project to life – and you might find yourself using more colors, more cut sizes, or even snipping wool strips into thinner pieces to cover the detail.
  • When working with a Loopy Impressions pattern, while you are hooking it may be more difficult to see some sections of the pattern than others, depending on the contrast and detail. Don't worry - a full color picture of each piece is included with the pattern package, allowing you to reference the final image.

What about the borders on Loopy Impressions patterns?


The Loopy Impressions patterns process mean that the border on all four sides may not perfectly align with the linen backing.


You may choose to follow the pattern, or you may choose to follow the line on the linen, either is fine!


For example, on this flower pattern, two edges perfectly align with the linen backing lines (top and bottom), and two do not (the right and left sides), but a line can still be hooked straight down these two sides. Simply fill in color on either side.



Can I create my own pattern?

Yes! Loopy Wool offers a custom pattern options. Simply upload your photo, pick your size, and color (black and white or color), and Loopy Wool will send you a custom pattern. Portraits, pets, scenery, sunsets, they all work for a custom pattern!