Whimsical Fox Rug Hooking Pattern on Linen

$25.00 CAD

Rug Hook a beautiful whimsical fox with this rug hooking pattern.

~Listing is for pattern only~

Rug hooking is a simple craft of pulling fabric through a backing using a hook. This listing is for the whimsical fox pattern, hand drawn on high quality linen. The linen measures 15" x 16", and the hooking area is 7" x 8". The pattern comes with a full set of instructions that outlines the materials you will need and step by step instructions of how to rug hook.

If you have never rug hooked before, we recommend purchasing a complete kit which will include everything you need.

Loopy also takes care of the little extras for the pattern: the edges of the linen are serged so there is no fraying when you're working on your beautiful art, a cut line is marked, and there is stitching along the inside of this cut line, to also prevent fraying when finishing your piece.